Visioneering Book Review


By Andy Stanley

  • Vision does not always require immediate action, but it does always requires patience.
  • With time you can distinguish between your ideas and God’s ideas.
  • God grows us into the vision He has for us.
  • Your vision will only be an extension of His vision for you.
  • Moses, David, Abraham, and many others had a long wait after the vision from God.
  • There are good ideas and God ideas. Time will reveal.
  • What can you do while you’re waiting? Nehemiah did two things while waiting: he prayed and planned.
  • Pray for opportunities and plan as if God is going to give you an opportunity.
  • God ordained visions are always too big for us to do alone.
  • Success is faithfulness to the process.
  • Waiting time is not wasted time for anyone that’s waiting on God’s timing of a vision.
  • The “what” always proceeds the “how.” God might tell you what and not how for a long time. Many dreams die in this waiting period.
  • How is not a problem for God, it’s His specialty. You are not responsible concerning the how, God will take care of that.
  • A good idea is one you have to make happen, but God will make the God-idea happen.
  • A vision will solve a problem and meet a need.
  • Money usually follows vision, not the other way around.
  • Don’t expect others to take greater risks than you are willing to take. It is hypocritical to ask others to take greater risk than you do.
  • Sacrifice and risk are almost always part of a vision.
  • Don’t listen to your critics or the fire of your vision will go out.
  • You influence is much more important to casting your vision than your position.
  • Nothing can make up for a lack of moral authority. As a visionary your mortal authority is very important.
  • Don’t have inconsistency between what you say you believe and what you do.
  • There are many distractions to the vision that God has for you: criticisms and fear are a few.
  • Leaders must challenge the status quo.
  • Vision requires constant attention.
  • Don’t tolerate things that hinder your vision, deal with them.
  • Vision requires patience believing God will orchestrate what He has originated.
  • Abandon your vision before you abandon your moral integrity.
  • Stay focused.
  • Everyone has a picture of what their life could or should be, but not everyone is willing to pay the price.

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