When Work & Family Collide Book Review

When Work & Family Collide

By Andy Stanley

  • Who wins when your work and family collide?
  • It’s usually not God that’s prying you away from your family, it’s your problem.
  • There’s not enough time for everything in life, so something has to be shortened — just make sure it’s not your family.
  • God made work before family, but there was never a conflict before sin entered the world.
  • Work is a means to an end but should not be the end.
  • Everyone has good intentions. They want to go on more vacations, have more dates, and have more playing time with the kids, but good intentions aren’t the problem, your schedule is the problem.
  • It is not enough for your family to be your priority, they must feel like they are your priority.
  • Even more than being loved, your family wants to know they are accepted.
  • Does your calendar reveal that your family is your priority?
  • Actions speak louder than intentions.
  • To stop stealing from your family, you must make a decision that you will be there for them no matter the rewards or outcome.
  • Once you decide, you need to decide some nonnegotiables.
  • What one change would your wife want you to make so she feels she’s your priority? Maybe she wants you to stop a hobby, arrive home at a certain time, etc.
  • Making the excuse that we’re busy in “the Lords work” is more about ego than it is about the Lord.
  • If we will learn to work hard while we’re at work, we can relax when we’e at home.
  • The things that make or break you at work usually don’t have much to do with your work schedule, rather the priorities and opportunities.
  • The blessings of God do not come as a result of violating God‘s principles.
  • You will retire or stop working at some point in life. Who you you go home to is determined by the priorities you put in practice now.
  • It has been said that no one gets to the end of their life and wishes they spent more time at work — and you are not the exception.

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