Unoffendable Book Review by Jeff Bush


By Brant Hansen

  • God never asked me to take a stand on everything, He told His followers to go make disciples, and that takes patience with people. 
  • Anger leads to disillusionment one way or another. 
  • Taking offense will wear you out, but for some it becomes a lifestyle. 
  • Anger and rest are always at odds. You cannot have both.
  • We are very good at victimizing a story for our own benefit.
  • While we want to keep in tact our self righteousness, Jesus dismantles it. Thinking we are not as bad as someone else does not from God’s teaching. 
  • Your goal should not be to try to change people, it should be to introduce them to a God that can change people.
  • We sometimes think that our job as a Christian is to assess where people stand with God, but that is not our job at all.
  • Ministry is serving others. It is not taking offense because you serve. 
  • To be in ministry is to choose to not be offendable. 
  • Pride makes it all about us. 
  • Grace is offensive to the self righteous. 
  • If you are always offended you should realize you have a ego problem. 
  • Real humility is self forgetfulness.
  • God enjoys making things happen by using the humble.
  • When we choose to not be offendedable before the day begins or before a conversation, we are choosing humility.
  • When you are humble, you will be hard to offend because there is so little to defend.
  • Self forgetfulness is not wishing our in-existence, self forgetfulness is actually healthy.
  • Self forgetfulness is realizing you have been forgiven and therefore must forgive others.
  • You might not know the route you are driving in life, but you know the Driver — and when you are satisfied with that, you can be unoffendedable.

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