Winning Book Review by Jeff Bush



By Tim S. Grover

  • The ability to win is within all of us.
  • Winning will cost you everything but will reward you if you’re willing to pay the price.
  • All winners understand that there’s a price to pay, and you must pay it if you are going to win.
  • Knowledge is power, but only if you use it.
  • Don’t learn what to think, learn how to think.
  • The great players figure out what works for them whether it works for others or not.
  • If what you were doing does not lead to achievement, you must be willing to switch things up regardless of how difficult or time-consuming it may be.
  • Innovate, don’t imitate.
  • Winning wages war on the battlefield in your mind.
  • If you can’t master the basics, you can’t mess with anything else.
  • You have to be ready to handle the unexpected.
  • The battle begins and ends in your mind.
  • Winning requires your mind to be stronger than your feelings.
  • Control your thoughts and you control your emotions. Control your emotions and you control your actions. Control your actions and you control your outcome.
  • Extreme results require extreme competition.
  • The right decisions take you to the next level. The wrong decisions keep you exactly where you are.
  • When you can win the small victories, you can start competing for more.
  • You don’t find balance, you create balance. 
  • Time for everything means time for nothing. 
  • You must master the art of saying no if you’re going to be a winner. 
  • You cannot win without prioritizing your goals. 
  • There are wins everywhere, you just have to find them. 
  • Fear can give you direct access to winning.
  • Don’t let fear cause you to abandon rather embrace 
  • Winning and losing are not mortal enemies, they actually need each other. 
  • Winning will do all the talking for you, so keep your mouth shut and work until you do something. 
  • Winning isn’t interested in your excuses, you still have to show up both mentally and physically. 
  • Winning doesn’t care if you have time, it expects you to make time. 
  • If you do it like everyone else, you will have what everyone else has. 
  • Stop waiting until you’re told you can or can’t do something. 
  • Long term goals might be good but no one is promised long term. 
  • A sense of urgency is the difference between those that win and those that watch others win. 
  • The biggest mistake we make in life is thinking we have time. 

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