Victory Over Darkness Book Review

Victory Over Darkness 

By Neil Anderson

As Christians, we are not sinners in the hand of an angry God, we are saints in the  hand of a loving God. 

We (as a Christian) are not becoming a Christian, we are a child of God becoming  more Christlike. 

Freedom is not about a license or legalism, it’s about liberty. 

We call a church a sanctuary, but the real sanctuary on this earth is our relationship  in Jesus Christ. 

The important thing about faith is the object of your faith. The question is not if you  have or don’t have faith, the question is what your object of faith is in. 

How much faith you have is dependent on where you place the object of your faith. Your emotions have much to do with your thought life

You are not a product of your past, you are a child of God!  

You can get over trauma and let things go because you are a child of God, and you  can forgive. 

God wants to exchange your ashes for His beauty. How could you refuse such an  offer by holding tightly to something that happened to you. 

Instead of thinking you have a right to be treated a certain way, remember your  responsibilities to God. 

Don’t let anyone else determine your worth, you are a child of God. 

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