Basic Etiquette for Leaders in Ministry


Excerpt from the Introduction
As the referee blew the whistle calling a technical foul, I grabbed the basketball, slammed it on the ground and yelled as I left the court. I was in high school and thought I knew how to play basketball — how dare this guy kick me out of a game! The game ended and no one wanted to mention the tantrum I threw on the court, except for my dad. He wasn’t mean. He didn’t yell. To be honest, I don’t even remember the exact words he said. All I remember is that he asked me to reflect on what happened. I played like a one-man team, wanted the points, the glory and the spot light. But that night God let my ignorant actions replay in slow motion in my mind, showing me how ignorant I really looked. Life didn’t revolve around me, and treating others as inferior didn’t make me look better; it actually made me look worse. I learned that I could play basketball without mistreating others, but it took an embarrassing scene on the court to teach me…




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