Rhinoceros Success Book Review

Rhinoceros Success

By Scott Alexander

  • There are many leadership techniques, but one thing all successful leaders have in common is that they are a rhinoceros and charge. 
  • Do not charge two things at once, charge only one thing and go full steam ahead.
  • When you get up in the morning, don’t be a lazy cow and lay there, be a rhinoceros that’s ready to get up and charge.
  • Cows have legs and brains, but they don’t charge because they don’t believe. A rhinoceros believes and therefore has a reason to charge.
  • Success is for anyone who will get off of their backside and charge.
  • It is your enthusiasm that will get you out of bed, and make you charge towards your goal. No torpedoes can stop you!
  • If your enthusiasm dies down, it is because of your belief. You must believe, and therefore you will charge.
  • A rhinoceros rarely has a drinking or drug problem because they don’t need any artificial stimulants to do what they are supposed to.
  • Your attitude is essential to being a rhinoceros. You have to want to be a rhinoceros in order to charge, otherwise you will slip into the cow and sheep world.
  • Don’t waste energy on things not worthy of your time — a rhinoceros does not charge jack rabbits. Don’t let problems and other things distract you.
  • Do not ignore the negative, but do not be saturated with it either. Put the right things in your mind. We become the product of three things: the books we read, the people we associate with, and the media that we listen to.
  • Learn from other people’s success. You can read books, watch, listen, and speak to others who have been successful. Cows can read but they’re too lazy to read or learn from others – a rhinoceros eats it up!
  • Plan and then charge. You don’t become successful without planning on it, so aim for something, plan for it, and charge.
  • Plan your long-term goals, your short-term goals, and your immediate goals (for today and this week). Plan and then charge!
  • What you sow you reap. Work hard and charge at something, and you will reap a harvest.
  • You have to give to get. This works with friends, money, work, and every other area. If you stop giving and you’ll stop getting.
  • Discipline is doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do. A rhinoceros charges even if he doesn’t want to, but a cow is a cow because he has no discipline.
  • A rhinoceros has self-discipline. You are your own boss. You are in charge of “You Inc.,” so if you fail, it is because of your bad leadership. Take charge of yourself!
  • If you do not enjoy being a rhinoceros, then don’t do it. There’s no reason to do it if you don’t enjoy it. Decide you will be happy, that position is open to whoever wants it. 
  • The Bible is the real success manual. every success book is based on the Bible, just worded differently. 
  • Be an audacious rhinoceros. You are bold, gutsy, reckless, and adventurous, that’s what separates you from the cows.
  • Success takes nerve. If it was easy and didn’t require risk, everyone would do it.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of wasting time. Live as if each minute cost you $10. 
  • There are no excuses for a rhinoceros, he finds a way to get it done.
  • Be persistent. Imagine you’re in a storm, and do not let go.
  • Nothing good comes easy. 
  • Everyone has problems no matter how much money, education, place they live or what they do, but rhinoceroses know how to handle problems. Don’t run from them, handle them. They will always be there, but don’t let them stop you. 
  • Optimism and rhinoceroses go hand in hand. Get a burning inside of you that will make you charge. 
  • Dreams are only dreams until you begin to charge.

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