Start Book Review


By Jon Acuff

  • Regardless of your age, you must learn to throw out fear and just start.
  • Fear tells you it is not time or not possible; but you must throw it to the side and just start.
  • Realism does not stop you from chasing your dream, rather chasing the wrong dream.
  • We trick ourselves saying there’s only two decisions: abandon all or live a horrible and normal life — but this isn’t true.
  • Finding your purpose is not so easily detected or clearcut.
  • Quit trying to find your purpose and just live with purpose. Wake up and live with purpose. Play with your kids with purpose. Love your spouse with purpose. Enjoy life with purpose.
  • No one is perfect the first time they try something, so just start.
  • Your practice determines how you play.
  • We think we have to see results immediately, but everything takes its time.
  • Quit trying to climb the entitlement ladder and climb the work-hard ladder.
  • Fear would not have let the Wright brothers attempt to fly, or Steve Jobs work on personal computers for individuals, and fear will not let you do anything either.
  • If you don’t deal with your fears, they won’t go away. If you don’t kill those fear voices, they will kill you.
  • Your inner voice might tell you not to do it, and when you start, it might tell you that you have to do it all at once. Do not listen to either of them.
  • What did you do in the last 24 hours (or even week) that will reveal your focus?
  • Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should do it.
  • If you have so many passions that you don’t know which to do, then you need to pick one and start.
  • Awesome starts the moment you begin to do what you love.
  • Be led, be taught, and always continue growing.
  • If you want to become good at something, you have to do reps — that works with writing, speaking, playing an instrument, or anything else you want to be good at.
  • Do not let the few negative comments lead your life.
  • Don’t miss out on good moments because of unrealistic expectations.
  • You can’t control the finish line, but you can control the starting line.
  • If you want to stay in the land of awesomeness, don’t be a jerk. Many people are full of talents, but act like jerks.
  • Don’t become a jerk, don’t get lazy, and don’t become entitled.
  • If you are married, realize that awesome is including your spouse instead of trying to live your dream alone.
  • One of the best ways to get support for your dream is to first support others on their dreams.
  • When you are in the harvest time of your dreams, some people will tell you that you can “do more.” Instead of trying, you should ask yourself “why.”
  • Every big finish began with a small start.
  • Who’s shoulders can you stand on to become better? Who is further ahead of you that you can get help from?
  • Perfect is not your goal, awesome is — and awesome makes mistakes along the way.
  • Social media is either a megaphone or a mask – it will amplify what you are all about or hide it.
  • Pace yourself instead of making unrealistic expectations (I’ll blog every day, etc.) or you’ll quit after a short time. Pick something and pace yourself, but by all means, start! 

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