Never Give Up Book Review by Jeff Bush

Never Give Up

By Donald J. Trump


– Feeling discouraged should never be permanent.

– Refusing to give up can be your best fortitude.

– A lot of success is determined by how you handle pressure.

– Believing that a negative situation is only temporary will help you to hold on and

– Listen to everyone, but realize ultimately the decision is yours.

– Adversity is a part of life and you will probably not live a day without it. Accept it as a
challenge instead of defeat.

– It pays to never give up.

– If you never give up, you can eventually give back.

– Expect problems and you will be ready when they show up.

– Discipline is the most important characteristic a leader can have. If you do not have
discipline, you will not be a leader very long.

– Be cautious but not fearful. Don’t let fear interfere with your plans.

– Never give up. You can accomplish more with that attitude than just about anything.

– Dwelling on a problem uses your energy and brain power. Take the time to think of a

– Sometimes you have to swallow your pride.

– Being knocked down is one thing, but staying down is another.

– Courage is not the absence of fear, it is conquering fear.

– Ordinary people have accomplished major things by being persistent and not giving

– If you see big problems, see even bigger opportunities.

– Learn pragmatic thinking — if one thing does not work out then another will.

– You might have to try a lot of things to get one thing to work, that’s tenacity.

– The more you know means there’s more that you don’t know. Do not become
complacent. Keep learning.

– Success will not happen without taking a few risk.

– Replace negatives with positives and you will have more successes waiting for you,
even if right now they are nowhere insight.

– The higher you aim, the more opposition you will attract.

– Some things are worth waiting for. Be prepared to wait.

– If you are going to get something done, you must start. Stop standing on the
sidelines and start.

– Stress is directly related to a loss of focus.

– Expect problems, they are there to help you get things done.

– You cannot be positive if you are not willing to be creative.

– Love what you are doing. Winning is just the cream on top.

– Look at the solution, not the problem.

– Where others fail, there is your opportunity.

– Sometimes you have to be stubborn as well as patient.

– Think big and think creatively.

– Never give up. Remaining complacent is a good way to get nowhere.

– Be focused. Learn to shut out the noise and stay focused.

– See yourself as victorious; that will focus you in the right direction.

– Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will either.

– Great adversity can turn into great victory.

– Look at the solution, not the problem.

– Trust your instincts. There are a lot of things that are not black and white, so go with
your gut when you know to do something.

– Know when to say no. Pay attention to the alarms that go off within you when you
should say no to something.

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