Negative Self-Talk and How To Change It Book Review by Jeff Bush

Negative Self-Talk and How To Change It

By Shad Helmstetter


– Negative self-talk is dwelling on your fears instead of your strengths, anything you
look at in a way that will not work instead of what can work.

– Each time you listen or give in to negative talk, you are rewiring your brain to believe

– Negative self-talk is setting yourself up for failure.

– Negative self-talk is harmful. You are wiring your brain to think something is true,
then your brain will believe and perform that way.

– Negative self-thinking is a habit that will turn into a reality.

– We are not born to think negatively, we learn to think that way.

– Your brain believes what you tell it, that’s why someone can be convinced a certain
political or social stance is truth. When you listen to negative self-talk, your brain will
eventually accept that as truth.

– The most important thing to wiring or rewiring your brain is repetition.

– The message that is received only once in your brain might be remembered, but the
message that is repeated over and over will wire your brain both consciously and

– The majority of your decisions and actions come from your subconscious mind. It
said that 90% of what you do is hidden from you, coming from your subconscious

– If you do nothing about the negative, it will get worse. But you can replace the
negative with positive and override it.

– If you’re going to change your negative self-talk, you must:
1. Begin by monitoring your talk.
2. Edit. Whenever you hear yourself say or think something negative, go back
and restate what you said or thought, and replace it with the right talk.
3. Listen to self-talk. The best way to learn any language is listening to get
accustomed to it and learn… so it is with positivity.

– When you listen to self-talk in one area of your life, do not be surprised to see
changes in other areas of your life.

– When you change your self-talk, you rewire your brain and then your brain motivates
you to live out what you believe.

– Romans 12:2 teaches through the Bible you can change your self-talk by renewing
your mind.

– You cannot change someone else’s negative self-talk unless they decide to do it.

– Don’t worry so much about how you arrived to the negative thoughts you have,
focus more on implementing positive talk and you’ll change both your present and

– People that change their negative talk to positive have healthier relationships,
eliminate the stress from their lives, enjoy what they do, and live happier lives.

– When you change your self-talk, you change your life. You can make that decision
right now.


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