Missionary Partnership: A Brief Biblical Theology of Missions, Deputation, and Partnership Book Review by Jeff Bush.

Missionary Partnership: A Brief Biblical Theology of
Missions, Deputation, and Partnership.

By Ben David Sinclair

– A proper view of missions begins with a proper view of God.

– A Biblical theology of missions must begin with God and not man.

– Lindsell wrote, “Before God asked any man to be a missionary, He was in the Person
of Jesus Christ a missionary.”

– The theme of missions can be found running through every book of the Bible. God is
a missionary God. He inspired a missionary book.

– From the beginning of time, He has been calling and sending believers to the ends
of the earth to proclaim the name and glory of the Lord to all peoples, in all places,
throughout all times.

– Adoniram Judson, who once testified, “Why, how stupid, stupid I have been!
Missions, why, the New Testament is all about missions!”

– John R. Mott stated that “the primary work of the church is to make Jesus Christ
known and obeyed and loved throughout the world.”

– Hudson Taylor understood this truth well. He is quoted as saying, “When we work,
we work. When we pray, God works.”

– Jesus said that He would build His church and that the church’s advancement and
victory are sure (Matthew 16:18). The stock market and all earthly investments come
with uncertainty and risks. Investments in the church and her mission are sure
investments with victorious results.

– Writing about four key reasons why missionaries quit, Lillian Hunsberger has listed a
lack of moral support as the first reason on her list.[58] She writes, “Many
missionaries feel alone and even depressed while on the mission field, and that is
when Satan can sneak in and get them to question the calling that they were so sure
of before going on the field.”


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