Relentless Book Review by Jeff Bush


By Tim S. Grover


– Having a desire to get somewhere or to do something is not enough.
– You already have within you everything you need to get the job done.
– Most people give up because they’ve been told what they can’t do.
– Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat.
– You become unstoppable by placing no limits on yourself.
– Everything is impossible until someone does it.
– You can do so much more with what you already have.
– You train like a pro by working as intense as possible at this very moment.
– Teach your mind to train your body. Get mentally strong so that you can be prepared.
– Anyone can measure height, strength, and speed, but they can’t measure what’s in
your chest, your heart.
– Every day you have to do something you don’t want to do. Challenge yourself. Push
past the apathy and fear.
– Crave the results so much that the work and discomfort does not bother you.
– If you want success of any kind, you have to be comfortable with being
– You control your body, it does not control you.
– Your ability to control yourself in any environment is what determines if you succeed
or fail.

– If you want to get somewhere new, you have to throw out the old map and try a new
– Overthinking, overacting, and overanalyzing will get you to lose again. Quit reacting
and begin acting.
– Real learning is not just clinging to lessons but learning all you can and absorbing it
with your instincts.
– Stop waiting to learn something you already know.
– If doing the right thing was easy, everybody would be doing it.
– Lots of people start things but very few finish.
– You will never get anywhere if you trust the excuses everyone gives you.
– Ordinary will not take you to the top.
– You get to the top by taking risks no one else is willing to take.
– Staying safe limits you, and limitations will not let you go further.
– How can you know what your best is if you are not willing to challenge your abilities.
– You need pressure in your life. Stress is nothing more than pressure that you have
not dealt with. Pressure brings out the real you.
– Don’t be intimidated by pressure, thrive in it.
– Most stay in the comfort zone because there’s low expectations, low risks, and low
– Stress can keep you sharp and force you to handle situations.
– Your level of success is determined by how you handle your stress.
– You can’t be unstoppable if you won’t deal with un-comfort or if you won’t deal with
stress unless you’re forced to.

– Most people are waiting for a plan. Good leaders make a plan, work the plan, and
make it happen.
– Confidence is the ability to find what is not working and change to make it work.
Cockiness is not caring if it works and just repeating the same thing over and over.
– You must find the abilities that you have and compensate for the abilities you do not
– Successful people compensate for the abilities they do not have. Unsuccessful
people make excuses for the abilities they do not have.
– Some people wonder why things happen. Other people find out how things happen.
And some make things happen.
– While you are waiting around deciding what to choose, someone else will make the
– Make a choice or the choice will be made for you.
– You can wait around all of your life overanalyzing and overthinking instead of making
a decision. Just make a decision.
– Thinking doesn’t achieve outcome, only action does.
– We say that good things come to them that wait, but actually good things come to
them that work.
– Being great at one thing does not mean you are good at other things.
– Almost no one enjoys the work, but if you crave the end results then you must do the
work. If you want the end result and are not willing to work, it is just a dream.
– What it took you to get to the top will not necessarily keep you at the top.
– There are no shortcuts and there is no luck.
– There are facts, circumstances, and reality, and how you respond to those determine
if you succeed or fail.

– Don’t worry about the instant gratification, think about the long-term payoff.
– Stop and think about what you want to achieve. Now ask yourself how much you are
willing to sacrifice to obtain it. If your sacrifice does not match up, you will never
make it.

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