Love and Passion

Love and Passion

by Anthony Robbins


– The greatest relationships are those that are always growing.

– Do not base your life or relationship on the normal person, because most do not stay in a relationship for long and they’re not very happy.

– You have to learn to manage your own emotions. If you’re not right with yourself, you cannot be right with anyone else.

– A grateful person can be grateful anywhere no matter the context but the emotional, unstable person can be sad or hurt no matter how good or bad the context.

– If you really want to make your relationship work, start with you.

– What makes a relationship work is having things in common, but what makes a relationship passionate is having differences.


– If you want a intimate passionate relationship, work on the following things:

1. Heartfelt understanding. Feeling what someone else feels will melt their heart. What makes them upset, what makes them happy, what hurts them, etc.? Find out.

2. Give your spouse what they need. It’s not about you, it’s what they need. Once you understand your spouse, you have to give them what they need.

3. Create and build trust and respect. You can’t just respect them, you have to trust them. When you trust someone, you open up to them.

4. You have to reclaim the playfulness, pleasure and passion in the relationship.

5. Have the courage to be honest.

6. You have to align with your spouse. When you get to the point that you think you don’t have anything in common with your spouse, you are wrong. You just have to find it.

7. Be an example to your spouse, not just demanding or going first.

– The skills of a relationship are to select and to connect. Choosing the right person and then connecting with that person.

– Much of the happiness that you’re going to have in life will come from the person that you select as your spouse. – What kind of person do you need to be for the person that you love.

– No their chemistry and who they are and always find new ways to please them and make them happy.

– When there’s a problem, fix it right away. You may have to have time to walk away and breathe, but get back together and fix it before it becomes a monster.

– Discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons.

– What is preventing you to strengthen your relationship? Find out and make it your goal to fix things and put passion in your marriage.

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