Laboring in the Harvest

Laboring In The Harvest by LeRoy Eims

Laboring in the Harvest

by Leroy and Randy Eims


– Laborers are few. There seems to always be enough churchgoers and religious people but not enough laborers.

– A laborer gets calluses, works hard and works for another person.

– There is a short of laborers because we are shortsightedness. We see the now instead of the future.

– There’s a short of laborers because of the lack of prayer. We are told to pray for them.

– There’s a lack of laborers because of its position. There’s no prestigious title, just people who go out in the fields and work. Outside of the apostles, there were 70 witnesses. We do not know their names, they were just laborers.

– Laborers have creative perseverance. If one way doesn’t work they find another way.

– Labors build bridges. Build bridges to reach others for the Lord.

– The laborer must be diligent to do the work of an evangelist.

– Ultimately, laborers come from God.

– We want to produce reproducers.

– Be makers of disciple makers. Be Equippers.

– Jesus majored on men not ministry methods.

– Avoid the myth that disciple making can be made in a vacuum.

– Evangelism is the fizz in the Christian life. It’s what first comes out when you open the can and without it things go flat.

– The equipper must be an example himself. He’s not to just teach, but to be an example of what he teaches.

– The ministry of an equipper is that of patience and love. Their eyes must be fixed up on the Lord and patient with those they’re helping.

– The equipper cannot do the laborers job, but they can motivate the laborer to do his job.

– Show them how to do things, help them away, involve them and don’t forget to serve them.

– We are in a battle, and just as in any other battle, there are casualties. There will be people we are discipling that will quit, but we must not quit ourselves, just look for others and continue.

– Discouragement will be a big tool the devil uses in the life of an equipper. The devil would do anything to get your mind off of what your chief objective is.

– It seems that everything imaginable will happen, but an equipper must be tenacious, must be persistent.

– There’s no room for laziness in God’s work. Laboring for God is hard work. – I Thessalonians 2:19-20

– Become a spiritually qualified laborer. Become an equipper of laborers.

– Just as any farmer that plants, there are some years of big harvest, some of drought, storms and problems.

– We will never reach a time as a laborer in which our faith is not tested and trials end.

– There will be both stories of failures and successes as you fish for men.

– We must continue letting God sanctify our lives for His sanctified work.

– A holy life is a very powerful tool.

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