Like the Shepherd

Like the Shepherd: Leading Your Marriage with Love and Grace ...

Like the Shepherd

by Robert Wolgemuth 


– You win with your wife not by conquering her, but by humbly leading her.

– Both you and your wife need a shepherd, so let God be your shepherd and your example so you can lead your wife better.

– “And gave himself for her” is a biblical truths that all of us should learn and live by.

– Only as you allow the Lord to be your shepherd can you be the right shepherd to your wife.

– As humans, we are destined to be sheep. We cannot change that fact. What we can choose is who we let be our shepherd. Make the right decision and let God be your shepherd, your leader.

– If you love your bride as Jesus does His (the church), she will follow you.

– Jesus was God and had authority, yet he was humble and loving. He came to serve instead of be served. If you love and lead your wife like the example of Jesus, your wife will follow you.

– Proverbs 27:23 — know the state of your flock — how well do you know your wife?

– The Bible says the Adam knew Eve and she conceived. What does the verb “to know” have to do with sex? A man can climax in seconds, but it takes a woman longer. Real sex is so intimate it is knowing the other person.

– You can decide to be a good shepherd, but your wife is the only one who can make the decision to be a good follower. You cannot force her.

– Treat your wife as your friend. Maybe you need to turn again to your first love.

– You should never have to remind your wife about your role as a shepherd.

– Be the shepherd of your kitchen and don’t let any cell phones at the table when you’re eating a meal with the family.

– Sin ruins God‘s flock and hurts His sheep. God hates sin, and as the shepherd of your family, you should too.

– A shepherd encourages his sheep.

– Be a Barnabas, an encourager, to your wife.

– Jesus looked at Peter and asked him if he, Peter, loved Jesus more than anything. Peter answered yes, and Jesus told him to feed His sheep. And as a husband, love Jesus more than anything or you will not be able to feed the sheep He has given you.

– Jesus is a humble and gentle shepherd, and that’s what your wife needs for you to be.

– When you married your wife, your marital fuel tank was on full, but after arguments, disagreements, and situations throughout life, your tank begins to run on empty

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