King Me

King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father: Steve ...

King Me

by Steve Farrar 

– God has called on men to mentor their son’s, not on moms to mentor their sons.

– It might be hard for a father not to have a son, but it is much harder on a son to not have a father. Boys need their dads in their lives!

– A dad has no higher calling in life than to shape his son into a man.

– Boys need a dad that is faithful to his wife, doesn’t look at porn, and won’t cut out when things get tough.

– Your son is listening when you don’t think he is and he is always watching you. He needs a good example!

– No matter what stage of life or age your son is, you can always decide to do what is right and use your influence like you should.

– You will mess up, no doubt about it, but when you mess up, be big enough to get it right. Ask God to forgive you and help you, and be willing to confess and ask forgiveness from your son as well.

– Give your son the structure and discipline that he needs to become a man.

– You have to purposefully take time with your son so that you can hear the inside beats and thoughts of his heart.

– What the blacksmith is to the sword, the father is to the son. He must sharpen and mold him.

– If your son never has a healthy fear of you, he will never have a healthy fear of God. Whether you like it or not, you are your sons instinctive image of God.

– How can a boy learn to be a man if he’s always around women and never around a man.


– A son needs:

1. Purpose — God has created him for a purpose. In his uniqueness, God has a purpose for him. Help him discover his God-given gifts (what he likes, what he is good at and what others can see he’s good at).

2. Plan —

3. Patience — maybe to find his gifts, to do right, etc.

4. Path — it is your job as a dad to teach and give God’s Word to your son. God‘s Word will teach him all he needs to know to get through life. It is your job to make sure he hears the truth to know how to navigate in this world.

5. Prepared for Potential — 1 Kings 2:2-3. – You have to talk to your son about sex:


• Sexual openness and struggle is very real and you have to help your son before the devil gets him.

1. Talk to him early and wisely — talk to him before others do.

2. Talk to him honestly — about his thought life, self control, and real temptations.

3. Talk to him often — talk about what’s happening in life. – Every father mentors his son, just not always for the right things.


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