Ideas for Church Plant (Gardner) 2 of 2


  1. Train at least one usher to stand in door/ listen/ help control service/welcome people
  2. Use a minimum of 2 ushers. Choose a spot during break
  3. Print welcome on door or walk have wet down before each service
  4. Have ushers ready to take out chairs
  5. Are you using visitor cards?
  6. Get information by giving away Bibles but need info
  7. Get away prized based on faithful attendance
  8. In Sunday school teach how to read the Bible Sword drill/ book of the Bible
  9. Break up service/Sunday school in short parts to not let them get bored
  10. Gospel tracts need to be available so that can take them
  11. Need invitation read for next service to anyone & give them.
  12. Some sort of bulletin. Children lesson to take home. Drawing/life truth
  13. 8 under 12, 6 teens,    39
  14. Back ground music playing before, after, and between services
  15. Practice with usher, helping them get to seat
  16. Set up the nursery- children’s area
  17. Ushers gives those that leave early material
  18. Train people to sit with visitors & help them find verses in the Bible
  19. Do other churches have tea or snack for children
  20. Make Sunday school and everything like TV program, grab interest, make classes, interest to study
  21. Install ceiling fans
  22. Work on venting for air flow if possible. Consider where you have crowd
  23. Shorter break – so they don’t leave
  24. Sing some songs so they all sing. Spread out those that they know
  25. Due to outside noise use PA and set speaker up high – Hand held mic. Background noise ruining everything
  26. More light over and towards pulpit
  27. Have some sort of greeting time -10 seconds- they love to greet apparently
  28. Write Baptism tract with graphics explaining for them to give out
  29. Static web page set up to mobile they can get to
  30. Set up to text announcement to all each week
  31. Set up Facebook page from web
  32. Put all video and audio lings on web page
  33. Speaker outside for nosy people
  34. As soon as possible Sunday school class for young adults. You write the lesson. Teach in teachers and workers meeting. Sunday school divided.
  35. Divide Sunday school time.  Never a segment longer than 12 min
  36. Have people stand to sing
  37. Put up a calendar of church events /social
  38. Get giving envelops
  39. Plan charter organizational service in the next year
  40. Visitor cards or something. Must learn who came
  41. Decision cards
  42. Train councilors
  43. Work all week- practicing what each will do. They have to be there. Prepare with them
  44. Explain every move. Even how to use a song sheet- until all learn
  45. Order of service given to all who will participate including ushers
  46. Explain all Bible & reference words at all times
  47. Think of how a believer first time hears everything
  48. Remember the biggest enemy.
  49. Have practice sessions or everything. Ushers, Music, choir, specials, Bible verses, welcome, helping others find things in their Bibles. Sundays we run the plays we practice during the week. Get as many people as possible practicing each thing. Get subs ready
  50. Have Bible reading in service. Teach them to read. They need to practice his reading. Give attentions to reading
  51. Explain silent prayer. Praying is everything. So I learn what is helping.
  52. Always make sure you can look everyone in the eyes
  53. Get sign up sheet for disciple. Set up a time for all new believers to tell
  54. Have each of your guys look for 3 guys they can teach to do all they can do. Their job- find others train them and then move up.
  55. 6 circling fans
  56. Find jobs for anyone that comes semi-regular. Don’t worry if they miss.

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