Ideas for Church Plant (Gardner) 1 of 2


  1. Regularly consider what a total outsider sees, hears, smells when entering
    1. Maybe a greeter at the door
    2. Not enough song books
    3. Water not working in bathroom
    4. Couldn’t see song leader and only occasionally could see the preacher
    5. Have Bible for visitors to use with help
    6. Helpers need to be ready at all times
  1. You could put a monitor on post and telecast from camera
  2. Consider doing all night meetings with those that come
    1. Retreats
    2. Trips
    3. Camp properly, camp out
  1. Take them other placed to pass out tracts
  2. Have weekly staff meetings with your people
  3. Possible business card for you and your wife with web or Facebook address to give to literally every person you see and do business with
  4. Ask attendees to take several tracts after every service to share with friends
  5. Have prayer over map of area, city, valley, country, world
  6. Get a monthly men’s meeting- youth meeting- prayer meeting with leaders
  7. Take your guys to where they burn bodies – Look – make them feel more & preach Gospel
  8. Get them over the city to see lights and day time to pray over city
  9. Make sure preaching is full of Bible stories to hold interest and be memorable
  10. Take tour, people to other churches to motivate them
  11. Constantly remember they do not know the Bible stories like you do
    1. Use them to teach the truth
    2. Don’t get too doctrinal like teaching but exactly like a story
  1. Practical lessons – applicable. How does this truth change my life?
  2. Work on music.
    1. Make it fun- music service
  1. Don’t be academic
  2. Do they understand the words we use like normal?
  3. What material are available?
    1. Print
    2. Audio
    3. Video
    4. Tracts
  1. Change stories to their culture. They don’t understand our culture or care.
  2. Watch local TV to learn how to explain emotions
  3. What does grace, gospel, ect mean/translate
  4. Repetition, redundant. Simple pictures, illustrated or they will not get it
  5. Act out message when you can
  6. Stay on salvation for a long time in main service
  7. Salvation, assurance, baptism, righteousness, prayer, Bible reading, church attendance, all basic stuff
  8. Other meetings to slowly go forward
  9. Preach children’s church message
  10. Don’t preach American message
  11. Don’t preach too much
  12. I would end service with a song so the ending isn’t so abrupt.
  13. Have children’s Sunday school class upstairs
  14. Arrange chairs to see better
  15. Give out Gospel materials to take home every service
  16. Raise speakers
  17. Put TV screen out on street
  18. Record all services -audio & video- to put on web page and Facebook
  19. Give hand out so lesson goes home
  20. During Sunday school try to participate
  21. Have a memory verse and someone to teach it
  22. Have special music by children/choir
  23. Get young ladies to help – schedule
  24. Have workers meeting- set schedule. Ask all to participate. Cleaning/decorating/nursery/verses/ teachers
  25. Change decorations every month
  26. Put quote on wall like Budda quote by Jesus
  27. Set up special meeting about felt need
  28. Have people help read/ act out/ lesson. This is different than preaching service
  29. If need to hire a maid ect. For nursery so Amber can teach kids Sunday School
  30. Get info printed on windows
  31. Get banner across street

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