Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance: Duckworth, Angela:  9781501111105: Books


By: Angela Duckworth

  • People that don’t give up have a don’t-quit, hang-in-there attitude.
  • Those who follow through and finish something are those that have determination and direction.
  • Whether a cadet continued or dropped out of West Point was not because of their SAT scores or talent, but because of their grit.
  • Future green berets and seals also stick because of their grit.
  • Our potential is one thing, but what we do with it is a whole other thing.
  • Talent is not destiny.
  • Zeal and hard work ultimately beat intellect.
  • We love naturals, but effort will go further than talent.
  • As much as talent counts for something, effort counts twice as much.
  • Greatness is made of many small feats, and all of them are doable!
  • Effort builds skill.
  • Talent x effort = skill. Skill x effort = achievement.
  • 80% of life is showing up — Allen
  • How many people start something new and then give up. Grit keeps you going.
  • Talent comes naturally, but skill comes from doing something over and over until you get it.
  • Grit is more about stamina than intensity.
  • There are no shortcuts to excellency.
  • Grit isn’t just falling in love but staying in love.
  • Grit has two components: passion and perseverance.
  • On any long journey, detours are to be expected.
  • Grit, talent, and other psychological traits are genetically influenced, but not determined.
  • Grit gets back up and continues going when knocked down.
  • Passion for your work comes from a lot of discovery, followed by a bunch of development and a lifetime of deepening.
  • Just because you love something does not mean you’ll be great at it, it takes a lot of work.
  • Deliberate practice separates those that do have and do not have grit.
  • Do not let setback become excuses.
  • You can grow and obtain grit by starting from within yourself. 
  • To be gritty is to fall down seven times and raise eight. 

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