30 Days to Your Best Marriage

30 Days to Your Best Marriage: B&H Editorial Staff, Al Kessel ...

30 Days to Your Best Marriage

by Various Authors


– You are the best when you work at being an encourager to your spouse.

– Your vows weren’t necessarily for your wedding, they are more for after your wedding. When you got married it was all emotional, but later in your marriage is when you need to remember the vows you said to your spouse.

– Learn to forgive, even if it is difficult.

– Make time for your spouse. Your spouse needs to know they are important to you. If you constantly cancel on your spouse because something comes up, they will soon realize everything else is more important to you than they.

– Pray. Pray for each other and pray together. Make time to talk to God and ask to strengthen your marriage.

– Put your spouse before you. Whether it’s for filling her physical, emotional or sexual needs, put your spouse before you.

– Pursue peace — Romans 12:18. Find a way to agree and fix things.

– Affirm and appreciate your spouse. You take for granted so many things that your spouse does, but you should surprise your spouse by making it a habit to say thank you for specific things. It will change your marriage.

– Find an older mentor that can help you in marriage. No one is just going to tell you what you need to work on, but there are plenty of people who would help you if you would humble yourself and ask them.

– Marriage is a listening part. It takes time and attention to listen and understand how the other person feels and what they are saying. The thing that may seem sacrificial to you now (stopping to listen), might save you serious headaches down the road.

– Listening shows you care. By listening you know what is going on and what lies ahead.

– Enjoy being together; develop a friendship. Don’t just live together, eat or do activities because you are married, enjoy each other‘s company.

– Work on your own patience. The one person that you love more than any other, knows more about you and is closer to you than any other, also knows how to get under your skin.

– Complete honesty. Are you keeping anything from your spouse? Truth lies at the heart of restoration. You cannot have a good relationship by keeping secrets.

– Dare to not compare.

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