Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break ...

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

– Form habits as a routine or behavior that is performed regularly.

– Small habits will help you reach your potential.

– Tiny changes make big differences.

– If you can become one percent better every day, you will become extremely better at the end of the year — little adjustments every day.

– Success is a change of daily habits.

– You get what you repeat.

– Anger and negative thoughts all compound, and so does small habits.

– Forget about goals and focus on systems instead.

– Winners and losers have the same goals, but the system is what will determine if you’ll get there or not.

– You do not rise to the goals you set, you fall to the systems you have.

– You have to know your identity, who you are, to start the right habits.

– You become your habits.

– A habit is a behavior that is repeated multiple times.

– Craving, response, and reward is the habit cycle. We do what creates the reward, and we can use these to change and create new habits.

– To change or create new habits we have to be aware of your current habits. You must be aware of your current habits before you can change them.

– People who put concrete plans to their actions will be more likely to do it.

– Stack your new habits to the habits you currently have. For example, if you already walk, decide to meditate for a few minutes before; since you already eat, decide to put vegetables on your plate first. General goals are not enough, be specific and stack them with something you’re already doing.

– Make a new habit to be attractive and make it very visible. You will not do it if you do not think about it or see it.

– Make guidelines for yourself such as, “I will do ten push-ups before I check email or Facebook,” or “I will eat a piece of fruit before I eat a donut at the office,” etc.

– We usually imitate what is around us, so join a culture that will make it easier to create and continue the new habits in your life.

– If you want to master a new habit, the key is repetition not perfection. It is more important to practice than it is to plan.

– What is your gateway habit? In other words, what are you going to do that will help you complete your new habit. For example putting on running shoes might be the gateway to make you go running whereas sitting on the couch might make you want to watch TV.

– It’s remarkable what you can do if you will form and keep a habit.

– The difference between an exceptional and normal athlete is that an exceptional athlete has learned to keep practicing even when he gets bored with the habits.

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