Why Revival Tarries

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Why Revival Tarries

by Leonard Ravenhill

– We should be busy fishing for men, but too many times we are fishing compliments from them.

– The pastor who is praying is not playing.

– No ministry or minister is greater than his prayer life.

– If we fail in the area of prayer, we fail in every other area.

– We cannot be much for God unless we are much with God.

– The secret of praying is praying in secret.

– Prayer is profoundly simple yet simply profound.

– God does not want partnership with us, He wants ownership.

– Paul was not merely a city-wide preacher but a city-wide shaker.

– There is a vast difference between knowing the Word of God and knowing the God of the Word.

– The Bible is not a book to explain but a book to obey.

– God honors not wisdom or personality but faith.

– It is not what you know but Whom you know.

– If we please God, what does it matter who we displease; and if we displease God, what does it matter who we please.

– Prayer is the secret weapon but seems to be secret from many Christians.

– We never gossip about those we pray for and we never pray for those we gossip about.

– No man can monopolize the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit can monopolize a man.

– God can fill one in a moment, but it may take years to empty a man of himself.

– The primary need for a missionary is not a love for the people but a love for the Savior.

– If tears are lacking in your eyes and converts in your ministry, something is truly wrong.

– The enemy of multiplication is stagnation.

– We suffer from ministers who want their head filled with knowledge instead of their hearts a-fired.

– We say we must pray if we want to live a holy life, but we must live a holy life if we want to pray.

– Does prayer change things? Yes. But prayer changes those who pray.

– The preacher should devote one day a week to prepare his sermons, and another day to prepare the preacher that will preach the sermon.

– Some preachers master a subject and some subjects master a preacher

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