What is the Missionary’s Job? (Acts 14)

Message Preach by Randy Stirewalt (Notes by Jeff Bush)

We have many ideas of what missions is, but it should be based on what Bible says

1. Preached the Gospel – vs. 21

Before being a missionary, I am a preacher, a preacher of the Gospel.
Wherever he went, he preached and lives were changed – and it should center around a local church.

2. Taught Many – vs. 21-22

They set up a teaching ministry immediately – a discipleship of the believers.
Paul and Barnabus taught many – they won them and then taught them so they would know how to grow in the grace of Christ.
We may win people to the Lord, but we must disciple them and see the pattern continue as they disciple others.
Taught them (vs. 21) and confirmed them (vs. 22)

3. Ministry of Encouragement – vs. 22

Exhorted them to continue in the faith
Paul didn’t stay to be the pastor (and no missionary should), he just encouraged the pastors and leaders to do the work.
Teach the pastors, but let the pastors teach their people and in the institutes
Give majority of my time to exhort and encourage the pastors – talk, pray and just encourage them.
Paul went back and had a ministry of encouraging them.

4. Established Local Leadership within the Church – vs. 23

Paul was not a missionary pastor – he never pastored. He preached and discipled, but did not pastor.
Ordained Elders – ordain means call for a vote, leadership established by vote.
Preach and disciple and let the church vote on their pastor – ordain local leadership.
People from that country should be the pastors and leaders.

5. Took his Hands Off – vs. 23

Paul says, Lord they are yours, I commend them to you.
Hardest thing for missionary is to take hands off of things, they think they can not do it, they are not ready, they don’t have the ability, etc., but they can and must.
A missionary does not need to or should pastor a church.
When Paul saw problems in the churches, he mentioned it, but he left it to the local authority of that church.
Its like Paul said, “church, this is your Lord… and Lord, this is your church”

6. Came Back and Gave Report – vs. 26

Came back and said, you prayed and gave and this is what happened.

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