“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company

I’m thinking tonight of the souls lost in sin,
Of numbers now going to hell;
The many who know not of God’s love for them,
So few the glad tidings to tell.

Then those who have slighted the dear Savior’s love,
Tonight they are lost in despair.
Soon others will follow, except they repent;
Alone they their burdens must bear.

“I’ve missed it at last!” Oh, how awful these words!
The saddest that mortal can speak;
And yet, Christian friends, there are thousands of souls
These words, in their anguish, repeat.

My brother and sister, with these facts to face,
How, then, can you dare idle be?
The harvest is great, but the laborers few;
Then say, “Here am I, Lord; send me.”

Think not of your riches, of home, and your friends,
In view of refusing to help;
O thou whom the Master designed for his work,
A burden for souls hast thou felt?

Then bid all farewell, the dear Savior obey,
An idler, no longer to be;
Grim death soon will hush the sad pleadings of those
Who daily are calling for thee.

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