“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
O valiant-hearted soldiers,
Of all our faithful band,
God calls no greater labors,
Alike on sea and land.

In vain he shall not summon;
Ready to die or live,
“Send me,” we answer gladly;
“Our all we freely give.”
Then out, away, and onward
To darkest heathen lands
To take the world for Jesus;
Press on, ye valiant bands.
God-called and Spirit-burdened
For service everywhere,
In dark and distant countries,
In line for service there.

E’en life most freely given
To rescue men from death,
And crying, “Jesus only,”
Till life’s supremest breath.

No time for lamentation
Nor for the funeral tread;
Let those who dwell in darkness,
Dead souls, watch o’er their dead.

The Master calls thee; hasten
Whene’er ye hear his voice.
Oh! let not self or Satan,
But Jesus, guide your choice.

“Ten thousand sit in darkness,
Ten thousand stretch their hands,
Ten thousand cry in anguish,
‘Oh, come and save our lands !’

Hasten, ye soldiers blood-washed,
And called of God to go;
Hasten on wings of morning,
That all your Lord may know.”

This, this your mission, workers,
To ev’ry land and tongue;
Go, go proclaim the story,
E’en as your Lord hath done.

“Farewell,” cry as you hasten,
To home and ease and friends
Then forward, outward ever,
Till all life’s labor ends.

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