Time of Your Life

Time of Your Life

by Anthony Robbins


– To have a better life, you have to change your psychology, how you think.

– Success without fulfillment is a failure.

– There are always more things to do than you have time for, this is the reason we must determine what is the most important use for our time.

– So you must start out by deciding what you want, then why you want it and finally you can work on steps of how to achieve it.

– We must be able to see life, not just be addicted to the achievements.

– We were told that technology will help save time and improve our lives, but it really disrupts our lives and relationships. There is a way a better of using our time and life, but the answer is not technology.

– Taking control of your life means taking control of your time.

– Learn to take big things and make them small things by organizing them.

– Don’t let the interaction of an interruption beauty control your life.

– Many people know what to do, but they do not have a system to accomplish it.

– There are so many things that fight for your attention and focus and if you cannot decide on what is most important, you’ll be focusing on what everyone else want you to focus on.

– Media does not live off of information but off of advertisement. They need your interest to survive and continue on. – You cannot truly have a plan for the day until you have a plan for your life.

– Rpm stands for rapid planning method:

1. Result. What is the result that you want?

2. Purpose. Why do you want this to happen, what is the purpose?

3. Map. How are you going to achieve it?


– Results focused, not just activity focused.

– Do not focus on what you have to do, focus on what you want. There are plenty of things that will keep us busy, but if you do not know what you want then you will have movement never have achievements.

– Activity is usually a reaction.

– But what is it that you want to accomplish this week, this month and this year? If you do not ask yourself what you want, you will only stay active but not accomplish what you want.

– Know exactly what you want and have it clear in your mind, you must map it out.

– A map could be super powerful, but you must know two things in order to use the map correctly:

1. Where do you want to go?

2. Where are you currently at?

– Writing a list without knowing the reason is unsustainable.

– Where focus goes energy flows.

– What would life look like if you were able to master time? What would be the consequence of you not mastering your time?

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