The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating

The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating

by Andy Stanley


– Start living like the person that you want to marry. Do you have all the qualities and characteristics of the person that you yourself are trying to look for in a mate?

– Become a person that the person you are looking for is looking for.

– Instead of working so hard on looking, work hard on becoming the right person.

– Your relationships will never be any healthier than you are.

– If you cannot learn self-control right now, you will not do it later on when you get married. The only thing that changes when you get married is a last name, not your habits.

– Most guys think that when they meet the right body, they will have no more need for the artificial body (by looking at porn and lusting over girls), but that is not true. If anything, it will only accelerate your desire and need.

– Porn is not a past-time, it is a pathway – a pathway to destruction! It destroys relationships, marriages, thought patterns, behaviors and expectations.

– You should know that your sexual decisions before you get married will affect your sexual decisions after you get married.

– Purity now paves the way for intimacy later. Sex is more than just physical.

– Sexual sins is like no other sin; not because it’s unforgivable or more wicked than others, but because it is against your own body. Jesus did not say this because he will not forgive you, but because it brings so many problems, scars, regrets and pains to your life.

– Practice makes perfect does not apply to sex. It undermines intimacy!

– Every time you say no, you’re saying yes: yes to a better future, yes to purity, yes to a better you, yes to intimacy, and yes to trust

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