The Christian by Donna Hendrix

The world we know and love
Is lost to our Lord above
We selfishly go about our daily tasks
In our own glories we do bask

There are many who never go to God in prayer
Asking for His guidance and help is rare
Oft we do not have time for our neighbor
Materialistic endeavors have become our day’s labor

We have become as Jonah in the whale
Running away our first chance to sail
We do not discern to do the will of God
We go our own way, our own road to trod

We have become selfish in our wants and desires
Seeking God only when our good fortune retires
Or when our troubles become too big of a load
Only then do we invite God to our humble abode

We do not take time to thank God for His creation
We are bordering on becoming a Godless nation
We take it for granted that He will always be there
Should we ever need to call on Him in prayer

We can’t see God’s tears that flow down His face
Because He’s been forgotten by the human race
He sent us His only begotten son
So that His will on earth could be done

He wants us all to live in heaven above
To have eternal life through His abundant love
We have only to believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior
To receive forgiveness through God’s amazing grace and favor

He wants us to do good works in His name
To love everyone just as His Son who came
He wants us to leave this world behind
His will for us, we should seek to find

We need to be spreading the word of God’s love
So that others can live with Him above
God’s commission for us, we should embrace
So that many can receive God’s loving grace

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