Money Secrets of the Amish

Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance in Simplicity ...

Money Secrets of the Amish

by Lorilee Craker


– Motto for possessions: Use it up. Wear it out. Make do. Live without.

– Indulgence now is the sign of our society… it’s a sign of immaturity.

– Instead of buying what you want, save until you have money for better things in the future.

– Pay your debts before their due dates, never be late on a payment.

– Buy useful things for Christmas gifts or you’ll just make your children materialistic by giving so many gifts.

– Pay yourself by setting aside 10–20% monthly for future needs.

– It’s not what you look at that matters but what you see.

– No one has such a good memory as creditors. They go to bed and wake up in a happy mood knowing that you owe them money.

– The Amish believe that debt is a plague to be avoided at all cost.

– There is nothing like others getting rich off of your lack of self-control.

– Learn to shop second hand.

– Buy only what you need.

– You don’t have to buy something new to buy something good.

– Buy in bulk. Not everything in bulk will be the best value, but the majority of things in bulk are better value.

– Don’t forget to check out discount stores where things are recently or almost expired.

– Sell or trade things that you no longer are using or need.

– We are deceived when we believe that money can buy happiness or great memories. Those can be made from such simple ways as playing games and eating popcorn.

– Devoting family time is much greater than material possessions.

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