“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
Is it nothing to you, O Christian, that millions of beings today,
In bondage in ancient China, are rapidly passing away?
They have never heard the sweet story of Him who lovingly saves,
Yet fourteen hundred ev’ry hour are passing to Christ-less graves.

Is it nothing to you, O Christian, that in India’s far-away land
There are multitudes sadly needing the touch of Immanuel’s hand?
They’re famishing there and helpless. What spiritual food have we given?
Hour by hour twelve hundred souls pass, by death resistless driven.

Is it nothing to you, O Christian, that Africa walks in the night,
While we upon whom the lamp shineth are failing to carry the light?
There shadows of darkness fall deeper; they wait the dawning of day;
While hourly the souls of eight hundred, benighted, are passing away.

Is it nothing to you, O Christian, that on South America’s soil
There are seven and thirty millions, and few for the Savior toil?
Its people are rapidly falling beneath superstition’s load,
Not knowing the message of mercy, the wonderful love of God.

Is it nothing to you. O Christian, the prosperous Sunrise Land
Has forty eager millions, where doors wide open stand?
There Buddha binds his captive hosts with proud oppression’s chains.
Oh, break their iron-wrought fetters; their freedom the Savior claims.

Is it nothing to you, O Christian, that Tibet’s enclosed in sin,
Six millions there dwell in terror, but let not God’s messengers in?
Oh, pray that its gates wide may op’n, for then would the story be told
Of peace and good-will sent from heaven, the news that never grows old.

Is it nothing to you, O Christian? Then surely you’re slumbering now.
The Master’s command is still urgent: “Away — preach the gospel thou.”
Among the vast host of believers how few of the number we see
Forsaking the ties of the home lands to point men to Calvary’s tree!

Is it nothing to you, O Christian? Can you leisurely stand and say,
“It is nothing; how can I help them”? You may go, or give, or pray.
Free your soul from guilt that now threatens, for in lands that you’ve never trod
The nations in thousands are dying, dying not know- ing of God.

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