“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
For the service of the King,
Wanted! Let the summons ring :
Wanted over Africa’s strand,
O’er the burning desert land;
Wanted out on India’s plain;
Wanted in China and Japan,
In the market, on the river;
Wanted now, and wanted ever —
Let again the echo ring —
Wanted! Wanted for the King.

Wanted men of faith and fire,
Men whose zeal will never tire,
Men whose hearts are all aglow,
To the world the Christ to show,
Christ uplifted, souls to save
From the gloom of death’s dark wave;
Men who dare leave father, mother,
Business, pleasure, sister, brother.
Louder let the summons ring,
Wanted! Wanted for the King.

Wanted women, tender true;
Women’s work none else can do.
Women sit in darkness yonder
While we hesitate and wonder;
Women cursed with bands that tighten,
Bands of caste, which none can lighten.
Sisters, give a helping hand.
Take God’s peace to ev’ry land;
Hear ye not the echo ring?
Women wanted for the King.

Am I wanted, blessed Lord?
Have I heard aright the word —
I who am so weak and poor
Naught can bring of earthly store?
Empty vessel though I be,
Canst thou make me meet for thee?
Use me as thou wilt, my Savior,
In thy presence grant me favor,
Help me now my life to bring
For the service of the King.

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