Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality: Henry Cloud ...


by Henry Cloud


– Who a person is will determine what they are able to do.

– Lack of character will stop you from reaching your potential, or it will let you rise to the top and then fall.

– A business may be good, but without the right leader, it’s not going far.

– You have to have people’s trust in order to work with them.

– Successful people don’t worry about fault; they accept it instead of shifting blame.

– Have a character of being instead of doing.

– You can’t let what others think about you control you.

– Non-confronters leave a mess in the wake and do not get problems solved.

– Not confronting a problem is a bad choice, but confronting a problem poorly is a bad choice as well.

– Anything of value is going to cost you something.

– Most people have anorexic growth, you have to intentionally decide to grow.

– Growth requires risk. Risk is moving from structure. It is an expression that successful people are not afraid to take.

– Being too tight (or cheap) to grow is like a farmer not willing to buy seed or fertilizer.

– Are you God or not? That seems like a simple question that almost everyone can answer correctly. But while most people would say they are not, they walk around acting as if they are — everyone has to serve them and do as they wish.

– Are you willing to deny yourself for the greater cause?

– Men who are prepared in the area of leadership are not always prepared in the area of their personal life.

– We all have talents but we also all have weaknesses and dysfunctions.

– We all have to swallow our pride at times.

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