Fall in Love, Stay in Love

Fall in Love, Stay in Love - Kindle edition by Willard F. Harley ...

Fall in Love, Stay in Love

by Willard Harley, Jr

– Most couples get married because they are in love, but what happens when you fall out of love? If you are going to stay in love with your spouse, you have to deliberately do things to keep the love growing between you.

– In marriage, you can be your spouse’s greatest source of pleasure or greatest source of pain.

– How is it that a man who is so busy at his job and never has time for his family makes time to have an affair when he didn’t even have time for his own family? The problem is not his lack of time but wrong priorities.

– We all want to keep secrets or not reveal truth about our weaknesses, but secrets will only break up our marriage.

– Even if there was hidden things in the past, your lack of honesty will crumble your marriage.

– An annoying habit is a behavior without thought. Be thoughtful to what your spouse likes or dislikes.

– You need a policy of radical honesty in your marriage.

– Honesty is not disrespect, demands or angry outbursts.

– Whatever thing you have to say when you are angry is best kept unsaid – don’t call that honesty.

– Eliminate any love busters that have crept into your marriage.

– Tell your spouse what things hurt, belittle and offend you. Get things out and lovingly fix them.

– Reciprocity is essential for a good marriage — you can’t just be a taker.

– Can you see the give/take attitude in yourself as much as you can see it in your spouse?

– Use your intelligence to make decisions instead of using your emotional reactions.

– Every decision in marriage affects both spouses, so consideration should be taken before making big decisions.

– When there is a difference between your friends and family and your spouse, you should always take your spouse’s side.

– Unless you make intentional time for your spouse every week, you cannot expect a good relationship with your spouse. Schedule the time together, be away from your children and family and offer your undivided attention.

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