Eat That Frog


Eat That Frog

By: Brian Tracy

21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more things done faster: 

  1. Set the table — clarify what your objectives are.
  2. Plan every day in advance — think on paper. 
  3. Apply the 80/20 rule — remember that 20% of your activities will count for 80% of your results, so concentrate on that top 20%. 
  4. Consider the consequences — your most important tasks will have the greatest consequences on your life or work (positive or negative), concentrate on these above all. 
  5. Practice the ABCD method — before you begin working, organize them by value and priority so that you can start with the most important. 
  6. Focus on key result areas — find what will result in getting your work accomplished and work on those all day long. 
  7. Practice the law of forced efficiency — there’s never enough time to do everything but always enough time to do the most important things, so what are they? 
  8. Prepare thoroughly before you begin — proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. 
  9. Upgrade your skills — the more knowledgeable and better you become at your skills, the quicker you can get them accomplished. 
  10. Leverage your special talents — determine what you are or could be good at and throw your whole heart into doing those very well.
  11. Identify your key constraints — find what slows you down or stops you and determine to alleviate them. 
  12. Take it one oil barrel at a time — you can accomplish anything if you will take it one step at a time. 
  13. Put the pressure on yourself — imagine you had to leave town for a week and you had to finish certain things before you left. 
  14. Maximize your personal powers — identify your most productive mental and physical times in the day and structure your most important tasks at those times. 
  15. Motivate yourself into action — be your own cheerleader; always be optimistic; find the good in every situation. 
  16. Practice creative procrastination — since you can’t do everything, focus on what you can do and put the other things to the side. 
  17. Do the most difficult thing first — identify the hardest task and determine to stay at it until it is finished. 
  18. Slice and dice the task — break the large tasks into bite-sized pieces and do them one at a time until you finish. 
  19. Create large chunks of time — organize your day into chunks until you can finish with the task that needs to be accomplished. 
  20. Develop a sense of urgency — make a habit of getting things done and not stopping until you are finished. 
  21. Single-handle every task — set clear priorities and start on your tasks, working on them until they are finished. 

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