Websites of Church Planting Friends

We are honored to serve along with the following like-minded independent Baptist church planters and ministries around the world. For those looking to train and serve as missionaries and get involved in church planting work, please visit the Center for World Evangelism website:


Austin Gardner (U.S.A.)

Adam Ragsdale (Thailand)

Adam Walz (Taiwan)

Andrew Wilder (Bolivia)

Andrew Garcia (Honduras)

Andy Smith (China)

Austin Till (China)

Ben Johnson (U.S.A.)

Ben Mize (Colombia)

Blake Young (Colombia)

Brady Van Winkle (Turkey)

Brendon Wung (U.S.A.)

Chestley Howell (Colombia)

Dallas Brown (Burkina Faso)

Daniel Sparks (Chile)

David Gardner (Peru)

Dustin Brown (Turkey)

Graham Young (Nigeria)

James Miyashita (Japan)

Jason King (Argentina)

Jason Rishel (Burkina Faso)

Jason Holt (Chile)

Jeffery Brown (India)

Jens Looney (Indonesia)

Jeremy Hall (South Africa)

John Walz (Taiwan)

Jon Canavan (U.S.A.)

Jonathan Anderson (Mexico)

Josh Miller (Peru)

Joshua Ewing (Indonesia)

Justus Mize (Nepal)

Kanon Bloom (China)

Kason Bloom (Ecuador)

Kevin White (Bolivia)

Kevin Hall (South Africa)

Mark Tolson (Taiwan)

Mark Coffey (South Africa)

Micah Rastelli (Bosnia)

Miguel Sanabria (Colombia)

Miguel Murillo (Peru)

Mitch McCormack (Peru)

Nate Wilkerson (Burkina Faso)

Patrick Henry (Argentina)

Philip Bassham (Thailand)

Robert Becker (Argentina)

Robert Canfield (U.S.A.)

Sam Quinn (United Kingdom)

Shawn Bateman (Argentina)

Stephen Underwood (Argentina)

Stephen  Carrier (Chile)

Tracy Paver (Chile)

Travis Snode (United Kingdom)

Trent Coker (China)

Ty  Pepperdine (China)

Tyler Ellis (Canada)

Will Hill (Japan)

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