Attitude 101

Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know: Maxwell, John C ...

Attitude 101

By John Maxwell


– Attitude can make or break you

– Talent is not enough

– Rotten attitudes ruin teams

– Attitude has the power to lift up or tear down the team.

– Attitudes are contagious

– How a person is will be detectable in how a person acts.

– Our attitude can turn problems into blessings.

– The right attitude, a positive perspective in life, will give you an edge on life.

– A poor attitude will take you places you don’t want to go

– We have all been dealt a hand of cards called life and it’s up to us on how we play those cards. A good attitude will make a great difference.

– It is never too late to change your attitude towards life.

– We are either the masters or the victims of our attitudes.

– Who we are today is a result of the choices that we made yesterday. Who we will be tomorrow is a result of the choices that we make today.

– Anyone can change their attitude at any moment. Attitudes are not permanent, you can change them if you decide to.

– To change your attitude, evaluate your present attitude. You can only change things when you honestly identify what your current attitude is.

– Remember that the choice to change is the one decision that must take place and only you can make it.

– Eliminate certain words from your vocabulary: I can’t, if, doubt, i’m afraid, I don’t have time, it’s impossible, etc.

– Make the following words a part of your vocabulary: I can, I will, expect, I am confident, I do believe, etc.

– Attitude is nothing more than a habit of thought.

– Find the good in every bad experience – there’s always something to learn.

– Adversity does not have to give you a bad attitude. Adversity can help you grow, see other viewpoints, mature, and teach you many things.

– To have the right attitude, you have to learn to deal positively with failure.

– Attitude will determine how far you can go on the success journey.

– Your potential has room to grow. No matter what your age is or situation, you can always improve.

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