10 Secrets for the Man in the Mirror

10 Secrets for the Man in the Mirror

by Patrick Morley


– To succeed at work but fail at home is to failure all together.

– Enjoy the present progress instead of worrying about the future unknown.

– We can grow because of suffering, but we must be careful not to suffer from the wrong things. Most men suffer from the following three things: marriage, money and media.

– Encouragement is food for the heart and most men are dying of starvation.

– Many men know about God but do not really know God.

– Do what you don’t necessarily want to do so that you can become what you want to be.

– The more you give away, the happier you will be.

– Steward your time and responsibilities according to what you have, not according to what you want.

– You will find your happiness by helping others find their happiness. True happiness is only in God, so helping someone else find God is helping them find their true happiness.

– If your actions do not line up with your belief system, you might not believe the right thing.

– Humor is an antidote to stress and lightens everything up.

– If you want to be loved, start loving others.

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