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Some Things I’ve Learned

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Some Things I’ve Learned

Curtis Hutson


The character of a man is more important than the content of the message

Worrying is using today’s strength on tomorrow’s problems

Those who have experienced the greatest success have known the greatest failures. The man who never fails is the one who never attempts anything.

You don’t attract what you want; you attract what you are.

You are what you feed on mentally; so feed on good books.

The best way to get rid of criminals is to stop raising them – John R. Rice

All your failures are prayer failures – John R. Rice

Don’t be too quick to give up. Try again and again and again. Victory may be just around the corner.

I had the occasion to meet one of the wealthiest men in America, and he told me that he never set out to make money. That was never his aim. “I set out to have a better product,” he said, “and the money followed.”

One of the most difficult things to maintain is balance. It requires constant effort.

You are not only responsible for what you say, you are also responsible for what people understand you to say, so make sure that the message is clear.

Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.

Worry is the opposite of faith. Faith and worry cannot stay in the same room together. When one comes in, the other must go.

It would be good to set a goal to compliment at least three people a day. People like to hear nice things said about them. It lifts them up, enourages them and makes them appreciate you even more.

A Christian once said to his friend, “I have a bad temper. I got it from my father.” His friend asked, “Have you been born again?” “Oh, yes, he replied.” “Then,” said his friend, “you didn’t get it from your Heavenly Father.”

It’s wrong to try to get a laugh at someone else’s expense.

Jeffrey Bush

Jeff Bush became the General Director of Vision Baptist Mission in May 2012. Prior to this assignment the Bush family faithfully served the Lord for 8 years in Argentina, South America. During their time in Argentina, God blessed their efforts resulting in five churches, a radio ministry, and a Bible college to train those called to the ministry.

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