Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert T. Kiyosaki


The poor says I can’t afford it while the to-be-Rich says why can’t I afford it. One is a statement the other is a question.

Learn to use your mind; it is the greatest computer that exists.

There are different effects on the thoughts you have in life. You really do shape your life through your thoughts.

You have to listen to what advice you’re going to feed your mind. You have to choose what thoughts you’re going to think.

The rich do not work for money.

It’s easier to work for money than your money for you.

If money is the big problem than why do people not change when they get more of it?

Fear and greed are the emotions that many have when it comes to money. Fear that they will not have enough and cannot pay bills. Once they get money they become greedy and want more.

Use your brain. Don’t work for money or live waiting for your next paycheck.

Learn a little about everything.

The next step is to learn leadership. Most everything you do will concern working with people.

There are liabilities and assets – if money does not stay with you, it is a liability and not an asset.

Do not just get a job and earn money, learn to make money work for you.

There are many talented people, but most do not know how to sell. You must be a salesman at whatever you do.

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