Prayers for Freedom Over Worries and Anxieties

Prayers for Freedom over Worry and Anxiety (Freedom Prayers ...

Prayers for Freedom Over Worries and Anxieties

by Bruce Wilkinson


– The Bible teaches us to be anxious for nothing. That is in the present tense, not past tense nor future tense.

– You choose to be anxious, no one or nothing can make you be anxious. Break free of the idea that someone or something makes you anxious.

– Not only is “be anxious for nothing” in the present tense, it is also a command from God, and God does not give us a command that is impossible to follow!

– If we are going to not be anxious, as the Scripture teaches us, we must obey the Scripture. We are first told, “By prayer.” We can pray and take it to God.

– Where there is gratitude, anxiousness is not present.

– God promises peace when we take it to Him. The situation doesn’t change, God taking control is what changes things.

– After God gives us peace, He tells us what to think about it. We can guard ourselves from future anxieties by thinking up on the right things.

– When you choose to think about the positive, God, the negative, all anxieties, leaves.

– If we fix our eyes on money, we will never be satisfied and anxious about something.

– When we don’t guard our heart and emotions, we will be plagued by all kinds of anxious thoughts that will consume us.

– Make it a habit of helping someone else. The simple idea of taking our thoughts off of self and putting them on others to help them will alleviate so much anxiety.

– There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future, but one thing is certain and that God is in control and He holds the future.

– Anxiety in a relationship can ruin a relationship. A relationship requires trust.

– Learn to laugh, it helps with anxiety.

– If you can change or help things then change them, but if you can’t, then turn those things over to God.

– Many think God loves everyone, but we’re not sure that He loves us. Get ahold of the fact that God loves and likes you. You are accepted by Him.

– You have to let God take control by exchanging your thoughts for His thoughts.

– Loneliness has nothing to do with the amount of people around but disconnection from relationships. You must know that God will never leave us alone.  – Matthew 6:25-34 — don’t worry, God can and will take care of you.

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