Keys to Positive Thinking

Napoleon Hills Keys To Positive Thinking: 10 Step

Keys to Positive Thinking

By Napoleon Hill

Thought is a guide to action

Negative thinking fills people with fear and doubt

We become what we think about most of the time

By changing the inner attitudes of your mind, you could change the outer aspects of your life

PMA – Positive mental attitude

You are a mind with a body, not the other way around. So if your mind controls things you must get your mind in the right spots

Your attitude is your feeling about yourself and that around you

PMA will help you in moments of storms in your life. People that cannot handle the storms of life become sick, miserable and discouraged.

If you can’t control your phone motion, you can control your destiny

Take control of your own mind with conviction

We become what we think of the majority of the time

Millions of brain cells, and all of them are under your control

When something happens, learn to accept it and fix the situation.

You cannot change the past or the future.

Dwelling on negative thoughts of situations and of others will only make things worse.

Let your discouragements and disappointments inspire you to do something better.

Every adversity carries within it a seed of possibility

Yesterday is gone forever, today is already a reality, but tomorrow is a brand-new possibility

PMA does not ignore situations rather makes you focus on the good results that come out of these bad choices.

You have to acknowledge that there’s a problem, but the key is to find the solution.

PMA forces you to focus on finding solutions. When you make it a habit of finding a solution, it will help improve you.

Losers envision the consequences of failures and winners and visualize the rewards for success

Ps 139:14

Do not just try to throw out negative responses but replace it with positive reminders.

If you wallow around in the mud of negative thinking, it will become very obvious to others.

If you have to worry, worry positively.

Try to accept people as they are instead of wishing they were more like you would want them to be.

Look for the good in others and learn to like people.

Live the golden rule

Proverbs 10:12

If you are happy, you can make other people happy.

Remember that you will translate into physical actions the thoughts that you are dwelling on.

Feed yourself positive solutions.

We become what we think about

Your conscious mind will begin to live what your subconscious mind feeds it

Suggestion is everything around you connects with your five senses throughout a day and will affect you. So make sure that you are around the right atmosphere, hearing the right things, being with the right people, etc.

Self-suggestion is what you feed yourself. Use mental pictures and thoughts to feed you on the right stuff. By building up the right thought patterns, you are feeding your self with nourishing material.

Autosuggestion is what you think about and what you feed yourself now becomes natural responses in life.

What are you going to do today to feed your senses positive nourishment?

Use your power to pray

It is up to you to decide what you want out of life. Once you know, set your mind to it and work for it.

Write your goals on a sheet of paper. Visualize yourself achieving those goals.

To accomplish your goals, you must DESIRE:

D – determine

E – evaluate

S – set (date)

I – identify (plan)

R – repeat (repeat your goal and plan)

E – each day

Those who try achieve success.

The difference between misery, frustration, success and happiness is having a positive attitude.

Your attitude is one of the few things that you have completely control over.

Learn to laugh this releases tension.

Learn to smile. You can help others with your attitude.

By responding with gentle words when there is a problem or something goes wrong, this shows strong mental control. You do not have to get mad, lose control or curse with anger and frustration. Keep a positive attitude.

Everyone experiences negative thoughts, but the successful person will counteract those negative thoughts.

If you get into action even when you have fear, this emotion will be neutralized.

When someone has something negative to say about another person, you should stop them and have them say five positive things about the person before he says the negative. That should also be put into practice with the negative thought you have.  Before dwelling on a negative thought, speak in your head five positive thoughts and then proceed with the negative afterwards.

If you make the effort to be happy yourself, the people around you will be happy as well.

You can change things from negative to positive with just your attitude.

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