God’s Mission is My Mission Book Review

God’s Mission is My Mission 

By Paul Orjala

      • Francis Xavier, one of the greatest missionaries of all times, served in Asia in the middle of the 16th century. He returned to Europe to recruit missionaries and challenged the students in Paris with these words: “Give up your small ambitions!” Whatever we have thought we wanted to use our lives for, God has greater plans. He wants to send each one of us as His personal representative to lost people with His good news of forgiveness and new life in Christ Jesus. This is what mission is all about. — page 14
      • When God wants to send a message, He wraps it up in a person and sends that person. — page 15
      • God’s word to the world is “Come!” but His word to the Church is “Go!” God is always sending out His Church in mission. — page 23
      • A missionary is ordinarily preparing someone locally to replace him so that eventually he can continue in a pioneer ministry in another place or in another aspect of ministry which needs to be developed. — page 37
      • in Asia, where two-thirds of the world’s population is found, there is hardly a country which has more than 2 percent of its population who are Christians of all varieties. Korea is the notable exception. — page 72

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