Disciplines of a Godly Man

Disciplines of a Godly Man

by R. Kent Hughes

– We will never get anywhere in life without discipline.

– If we are going to excel, we must strip ourselves of so many things that hold us back. – I Cor 9:25-27


– Disciplines of purity – as men of God we are to discipline ourselves from the sensual call of this world.

• I Thes 4:3-8 (Lev 19:2) – Disciplines of accountability, we need someone of the same gender who will keep us accountable when it comes to sensuality.

• Eyes – it is impossible for us to get away from sensuality or keep pure if we let our eyes run free.

• It takes a strong man to die.

• Purity in marriage – pray for your wife. She needs you to be a man of God.

• Is my wife a better person because she is married to me?

• We must be disciplined to commitment to our wives. The feelings of love will pass but our wives should know that our eyes, passion, communication and fidelity is all for her.

• Calendar reveals what is important to you, so make time for your wife in your calendar.


– Disciplines of fatherhood  – our children need us. Do not be too harsh, do not be too strict, express your love, be there for them and do not have favorites.


– Disciplines of Friendships – we need others, we are relational beings.

• Your wife should be your best friend but you also need others of the same gender to help, challenge and keep you accountable.

• Friendship does not exist unless there is loyalty, commitment and trust.

• Friendship is what’s the best for the other person.


– Discipline of prayer – we talk a lot about prayer but many times do not pray.

• Prayer could be compared to a man who arrives to the shore in a boat – does he pull the shore to himself or himself to the shore? Prayer is not pulling our desires to God but pulling ourselves to God and submitting our desires to Him.

• We will never have a prayer life unless we plan it. We must be disciplined enough to pray and make time for it.

– There’s no spiritual leadership without passion of discipline.

– Spiritual leaders are made of strong faith. –

There’s no spiritual leadership apart from the fullness of the Spirit.

– Leaders must not just have a vision or dream (given from God), they must also know how to communicate it.

– Good leaders lead by demonstration.


– Disciplines of giving – some of the richest people in the world have died in misery, suicide, family disasters or bankruptcy. Yet people still do not take heed and chase after money as if it will give happiness.

• Giving is a matter of Grace from beginning to end.

• Giving should be viewed as a privilege, not drudgery.

• Grace giving has nothing to do with the ability, it has to do with willingness.

• You can give your money and not have your heart right towards God but you cannot have your heart right towards God and not give your money. Matthew 6:21

• You’re giving should be between you and God.

• You’re giving should be taken serious.

• You’re giving should be regular. I Cor. 16:2

• Giving does not make you a better Christian, but it does bring blessings. Luke 6:38

• You should give now. The tendency is to wait until we have a certain amount, but we should start giving right now.

• You’re giving should be joyous – 2 Corinthians 9:7


– Discipline of testifying witnessing – Andrew, the apostle, was not prominent in the Scriptures. He was not one of the three in the inner circle and did not preach a message worth noting in the Bible. But he did excel in one very important area, Andrew brought others to Christ.

• The true evangelist heart is a selfless heart. Andrew was known as Simon Peter’s brother, not vice versa.

• The true evangelist heart is an optimistic heart. Our attitude makes all the difference in bringing others to Christ. Are we optimistic and believing what Christ can do when we talk to others about him?

• Andrew was an ordinary guy. He did not have the personality of Peter or the boldness of Paul, but Andrew brought others to Christ. All over the world there are churches named Saint Andrews. Big organizations have used operation Andrew as a name to tell others about Christ. Andrew was an excellent example of sharing Christ with others.


– Disciplines of ministry – ministry is working with people.

Jesus was tired, hungry and traveling, yet He took time for the Samaritan woman.

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