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While here in Argentina, the Lord has allowed me to preach and teach in churches, camps, conferences, special activities, and many other places as well as to young people training for the ministry such as a Bible Institute (seminario). As a result of teaching as well as having our own Bible Institute, I wanted to share a few words and thoughts about Bible Institutes.

 Over the last few years, it seems that in many areas of Sout America and other parts of the world, that Bible Institutes and/or Bible Colleges have  “popped up” all over.  I would like to share with you for a moment my thoughts on this  “new era” in the local churches.

 According to Ephesians 4:11-16 and II Timothy 2:2, along with other passages, the Lord admonishes us to train up the next generation(s). Although each mission field is different in language, culture, etc, there are many areas that each mission field or church has in common – (1) the command from God to train up a new generation of workers, (2) the need to train workers, and (3) the desire in new Christians to learn and grow.

 Not every church is capable financially or in other areas to have a big or formal Bible College, but every church or work is capable in some way to prepare future preachers and workers for the work of the Lord. For some it may be a Bible Institute, for others it may be a Bible College, for others it may be a Preacher Boys Club, and yet for others a simple time of prayer or Sunday School class for this growing group of “students” that the Lord places in the church.

 I thank the Lord for the ministerial preparations that He allowed me to receive, and without a doubt I believe it was one of the most important elements in my personal life. Not everyone had the privilege to go to college or learn one-on-one with a veteran missionary like I did, but aside from this… is the need for the future. Taking our eyes off of us and placing our eyes upon the generation that is following us is my plea in this article. I hope that we will see and realize the need, and arise to the hour!

 Friend that is reading this article, all of us are made differently, but all of us have a command to prepare those Timothys, Titus’, John Marks or whoever it may be that the Lord has put in our hands. It might be a simple time of prayer and talk before or after the church service with the small group that God has given, or it may be a Bible Institute for the church or a certain group of students – but the plea is simple … may we teach those who are desirous to learn! May we prepare the future preachers and workers! May we be the spiritual leaders and provide the spiritual food and tools for those who God has placed in our hands!

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