Ambassadors to the Missionaries at your church:

How to greet the missionary By John Pearson

  1. Familiarize yourself with them:
    • The family names: Use the prayer card if possible to learn all the family member’s names.
    • Special dates: Be sensitive to any dates that fall this week, or close to this week and have them recognized.
    • Read the missionaries last prayer letter and familiarize yourself with the events in their lives. Talk to them about the things going on.
    • Familiarize yourselves with their country. (Google search for their country on the web)  Just a few minutes will give you the info you need.
    • Familiarize yourself with their recent prayer requests.
    • Pass this information along to your family and train them to all greet the family.
    • Prepare a personalized welcome for them.
  1. Greeting:
    • Be at the church early. The missionaries will arrive early to set up.  Don’t come late.
    • Dress like Sunday. Ties for men.
    • Help them set up.

  1. Introductions:
    • Introduce the missionary to the Pastor and his wife. They may already know each other so you could also announce that the missionary is here.
    • Ask him what his needs are for the night. Power cords, tables, etc.
    • Show him where the bathrooms, nursery room, etc are. Introduce him to the nursery workers for the night.  Let him know that their children are welcome in the service, but they may take them to the nursery if they wish.
    • Act like you have known them forever, but do not smother them.
    • Listen to what they say and be aware of the situation.
  1. For the night:
    • Stick with them. If that requires you sit in another place, then sit with them if possible.
    • Encourage them. We love missionaries.  They need to know we have a world vision.
    • Sit with them during fellowship. Serve them drinks and make sure they have a place to sit.
    • Ask questions about:
      • The Culture of the country they are going to.
      • How did they receive their call.
      • Their plans and methods
      • Personal stuff about the family. Everyone likes to talk about themselves.
    • Wait on them.
    • Get their address and send a follow up card.
    • Walk them to the door when they leave.

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