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Ambassadors to the Missionaries at your church:

How to greet the missionary By John Pearson

  1. Familiarize yourself with them:
    • The family names: Use the prayer card if possible to learn all the family member’s names.
    • Special dates: Be sensitive to any dates that fall this week, or close to this week and have them recognized.
    • Read the missionaries last prayer letter and familiarize yourself with the events in their lives. Talk to them about the things going on.
    • Familiarize yourselves with their country. (Google search for their country on the web)  Just a few minutes will give you the info you need.
    • Familiarize yourself with their recent prayer requests.
    • Pass this information along to your family and train them to all greet the family.
    • Prepare a personalized welcome for them.
  1. Greeting:
    • Be at the church early. The missionaries will arrive early to set up.  Don’t come late.
    • Dress like Sunday. Ties for men.
    • Help them set up.

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