Arriving to the Finish Line as a Winner

A deep desire in my personal life is probably one that you have as well, to arrive to the end of life faithfully serving the Lord. Too many people start good but do not finish well. I pray I will not only be faithful now in life, but all the way through until the very end. I made a list of 10 things that I need to keep in check in order to arrive at the finish line as a winner.

  1. Realize it is all God – bathe it all in prayer
  2. Believe – faith is believing and hoping in what we can not see – Hebrews 11:1; Mark 9:23;
  3. Organize Priorities – take time to make sure priorities are where they should be
  4. Have Integrity – your character is who you are and will determine how far you go in life.  You can lie to many, but your true character will come out. You can only fool others so long
  5. Attitude – your outlook is dependent upon your attitude.  Those who think it is bad, will begin to believe it, have the attitude of a champion.
  6. Take Risk – one who plays it safe will never know what could be done
  7. Courage – to stand alone if necessary (Micah 4:5); to lead the way when no one is moving
  8. Perseverance – continue in the dark as well as in hard times.  Determine and know you will get through it, so just continue on
  9. Be willing to Change
  10. Always Grow – be willing to learn from others. Put people and books around you that will make you grow




Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions

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