Tale of Three Kings

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Tale of Three Kings

By Gene Edwards


David splintered trees practicing when he was a shepherd boy. He sang in the wilderness.

David was anointed as king but instead of going to the palace he spent the next decade in hellish times.

God has a school of brokenness for his servants.

Don’t throw spears back when they are thrown at you.

You can become bitter or keep your mouth shut.

Some leaders are leaders after the order of king Saul.

You cannot tell who is a king that is placed by God because God doesn’t tell.

Don’t blame the one throwing the spear, look at your own life. You as well may be a king Saul.

You don’t have to make the decision of when to leave a king Saul, he will make it for you, so let him. And when you are forced to leave, do it without making a scene or taking others with you. A king Saul will take others with him.

It was there in caves where David became the great psalmist and comforter.

We may know wilderness time of David as pre-King days but David did not know it. He was a broken man and suffering.

Men gathered around David yet he didn’t talk to them about submission or rules, and yet they followed him.

David didn’t kill when he had the opportunity; it was God who had placed king Saul and not man.

Men have been used by God that have preached powerful sermons and did amazing things yet they also are angry; have thrown spears, consulted with witches and more.

Don’t take the position of God trying to figure out whom God places or who is after the order of king Saul. There is nothing you can do… or even should do, leave that to God.

Men who want authority make rules, regulations and demand submission but a good leader with authority needs not say anything.

When an Absalom challenges you, you have to decide if you will be a king Saul or not.

If God has placed you, it is not your job to keep or defend it. It is His kingdom.

Only God knows who should be in a position so don’t try to make those calls.

Moses faces Kora and yet he was the meekest man on face of the earth, and so should any leader be. And even after God proved who was the leader, the people murmured the next day and God would have destroyed the people if it was not for Moses’ prayers.

Only God knows if he is finished with one or has placed another. Only God knows and He does not tell.

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