The Rhinoceros Success

The Rhinoceros Success

by Scott Alexander


– Get out of bed in the morning like a rhinoceros, not a sloth.

– Wake up with a purpose of what to do that day. Don’t be like a lazy cow going back to the same old pasture, be like a rhinoceros and go out and charge.

– Charge, put all of your weight and all of your strength into it and charge forward.

– Your skin is so thick as a rhinoceros, you’re not worried when torpedoes are flying your way to discourage or criticize you. You are big and can take the punches, you almost enjoy the challenge because you are a rhinoceros.

– A rhinoceros charges with one single focus/purpose. You can be so successful because you charge only one thing at a time, not two. You charge your one goal and then accomplish and go for the next, you are a rhinoceros.

– What is it that turns a boring, lazy old cow into a rhinoceros? Why does the rhinoceros charge and what keeps them charging? What are the cows after… apparently not much. They have ears, eyes and feet just like you, but why don’t they care – a rhinoceros may look like a cow yet is so different. The great difference is belief. Cows just don’t care or believe they can, so they just don’t charge, they stay put. Cows have the same opportunities, they see the same thing, and they are capable of the same, but they just don’t care or they are lazy.

– It is your belief that electrifies yourselves, ignites you and causes you to charge. Enthusiasm gets you out of the bed in the morning. You are a rhinoceros.

– Rhinoceroses have a zeal for life, they charge forward and are not easily distracted. Their belief is what pushes them to charge, to have a different attitude and outlook.

– Believe and succeed. You have to believe yourself, no one else can put this on you or force you to.

– Your attitude is the most important ingredient in being a rhinoceros. If you don’t really want to be a rhinoceros, you won’t be. You must be like an atom bomb that is waiting to be dropped, like Niagara Falls that continues flowing… Your attitude creates your zeal, desire, and pushes you forward. It is better to attempt something and fail then attempt nothing and succeed.

– Do not ignore the negative, but do not saturate your mind with it either. Sure, you have thick skin, but there’s no reason to point a canon at yourself just to prove it.

– We become the product of three things: the books we read, the people we associate with and the media that we listen to. Associate yourself with Eagles and not turkeys, with horses and not donkeys. You become what you feed your mind with. Gather good books and articles and feed your mind with those.

– Plan it. Plan for nothing and you get it every time. Plan on something and work hard and you will get it. Plan your dreams and then work your plan. Be a rhinoceros and charge. The plan itself will not work, but a rhinoceros will charge and work that plan. Plan your attack and then attack your plan. What are you going to be doing in 5 years, how about in 1 year, how about this week?

– The more energy you put into something, the more you will get out of it – this works with anything.

– Take care of yourself. Don’t put cheap gas into your Rolls-Royce. Don’t try to run on seven cylinders when you have eight. Eat right and take care of your body. Learn what is good for your body and get in the habit of regular exercise.

– Have discipline. Discipline is something that we do not like to do, but we do it. The kid who could do anything he wanted, and his parents let him do anything he wanted, is now a cow and does very little. You are a rhinoceros, discipline yourself. We can do anything we want, no one tells us what to do but a rhinoceros disciplines himself. We get out of bed, work and charge because we are motivated by the belief we have in us. Rhinoceroses have self-discipline, they charge and have audacity. You are your boss. You are the president of you-Inc. so run your company wisely. You are a rhinoceros, so don’t slip back into the pasture with the cud-chewing cows.

– Rhinoceroses are happy when they’re charging at their goals; cows are happy when they are sitting on their couch surfing the Internet or watching TV. But we need cows – we need them for milk, meat, leather for a good wallet, etc. Cows make a good view while driving on a Sunday afternoon. We need cows, so some people have to be cows. But you choose if you’re going to be a cow or a rhino. You don’t have to be a cow if you don’t want to and you can be a rhinoceros if you want to.

– Happiness is so simple yet so many try to complicate it. If you want to be a happy rhino, then choose to be happy right now. You don’t have to be miserable, you choose that. Decide now that you’ll be a happy, cheerful, exuberant, friendly, charging rhinoceroses.

– It comes down to how you believe. If you believe it will work out, you will be happy and accomplish it. Believe in your goals, and yourself and your future, you can get it done. Charge!

– You are audacious, this is what separates you from the cows and sheep. You have guts, you have nerve, you have backbone.

– Rhinoceroses have no excuses. No excuse for complacency, for not being happy and friendly, or for not enjoying life. Being too big, too young or old, different color, bad breath or anything else is no excuse. Take control of your thoughts and don’t make excuses.

– Never give up. Tenacity is in every cell of your body, you are a rhinoceros. Nothing can cause you to not succeed, not landmines, or any other hurdles thrown your way. Your persistence keeps you charging no matter what comes your way.

– Rhinoceros success is from becoming a rhinoceros all of the time. You do not achieve rhinoceros success just by being a rhinoceros sometimes.


– If you go rhino, it will help you in 6 areas of your life: financial, work, family, physical, social, and spiritual.

1. Financial.

Work on making money, but not loving money. Make money your hobby, not your savior. Give to God. You have to give to get. Luke 6:38; Proverbs 3:9-10.

2. Work.

Work at something that you enjoy and that you are interested in. If you dread each day because of your work, get out fast. Give more of yourself and you will get more back. Be happy at work. One rhinoceros can shake everything up, be that one.

3. Family.

Your family can either make or break you. You don’t want to work so much that you forget your family, you have to take care of your family as well. Learn to balance things. Don’t jump ship at the first rough seas. Marriage is like a garden, you have to nurture it, keep the bugs and animals out. Involve your family and your plans. Buy your spouse a gift once a week.

4. Physical.

A healthy body is required to live a rhinoceros life. If you’re not in shape or you’re sick all the time, you’re not going to feel like charging, so figure out what you need to do and fix that situation.

5. Social.

Associate with the right people, with the ones that build you up not tear you down. You’ll be like the people that you hang around. Proverbs 13:20.

6. Spiritual.

Believe in God. You have nothing to lose by believing, but everything to gain. Matthew 17:20. Have a rhinoceros faith in God.

– Rhinoceroses are always prepared for problems. Rhino problems are bigger problems than others have. Whatever problem comes your way, give the needed focus to fix the problem. The problem is your enemy, so don’t let it just linger around, fix it. Just lower your head, point your horn and charge full steam ahead.

– Worry is a fatal disease that is found in every animal except for the rhino. Rhinos have nothing to worry about, because they are bigger than everyone else except for the elephant, which is a friend anyway, so all of the problems are smaller than the rhino. You have 2 inch thick skin.

– Don’t try to be cool, not everyone will understand you and you won’t be able to please them. Don’t be pessimistic, change your mindset.

– The secret of success is believing and charging. Think rhinoceros and act like a rhinoceros.

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