The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon

by Denis Waitley


– All of us have time, but we must decide to learn during that time.

– If you take advice about your savings from the one who does not know, you will be sorry.

– Set aside or save at least a tenth out of every paycheck.

– Learn to live on less than you earn.

– We call someone with wealth lucky, but would we call a good fisherman lucky just because he’s taking the time to learn how to fish better?

– Wealth grows wherever we exert energy.

– Make a budget for yourself.

– Make your money to multiply. One’s gold is not what is in his purse but the continual income that keeps flowing into the purse. Make your money work and bring you more money.

– Protect your treasures from loss. Consult the lies about where you invest your money instead of confiding in just anyone.

– Own your own home.

– Save for your future.

– The more knowledge we obtain, the more income we will have.

– LUCK is actually: Laboring. Under. Correct. Knowledge.

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